Types of Membership

Full membership

  • Full membership is available to a lawyer who is either an insolvency practictioner or has been associate members for at least three years;  or, in the case of a solicitor or legal executive, has at least 8 years post qualification experience in insolvency and/or restruturing law; or in the case of a barrister,  who is of at least ten years' call to the bar with a practice including insolvency law and/or resturcturing law.
  • This costs £456 (£380 plus VAT at 20%) on an annual basis.

Associate membership

  • This is available to those lawyers who have less than eight years’ post-qualification experience or, alternatively, have less than ten years’ call to the Bar.
  • This costs £216 (£180 plus VAT at 20%) on an annual basis.
  • After 3 years as an associate member, membership automatically transfers to full membership at full members’ annual rates.
  • Each associate member automatically becomes of member of the ILA Associates’ Network upon joining the ILA. Please click here for further information.

Overseas membership

  • This is available to those lawyers practising outside the UK who have a particular interest in insolvency and restructuring matters.
  • This costs £216 (£180 plus VAT at 20% if applicable) on an annual basis.
  • To become an overseas member, candidates must either be invited by the ILA Council or applicants should provide references from a full member of the ILA who knows the applicant and who can vouch for his or her competence in insolvency law and restructuring practice.

Academic membership

  • This is available to a person holding an academic post at a place of learning or a post graduate student who has an interest in the theory and practice of insolvency law.
  • Academic membership is free.

Academic advisory group membership

  • This is available to those involved in full-time teaching and research involving insolvency and allied subjects. 
  • Members under this category may be invited by the ILA Council.

Judicial membership

  • These are available at the invitation of the ILA Council to members and former members of the judiciary.

Recent Bulletins

A key service provided by the ILA is the provision of bulletins keeping its membership up-to-date with the latest developments in insolvency law.

Below are a selection of recent topics covered:

  • Oceanfill – restructuring plan did not affect landlord’s rights against guarantors
  • Candey v Tonstate – Unenforceable damages-based agreement
  • Denaxe Limited v Cooper – claim for breach of duty: immunity