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ILA Technical Committee Vacancy


A vacancy has arisen for a Technical Consultant to the Committee to both participate in the technical business of the Committee and to co-ordinate its activities.

The role would suit someone who has strong academics and, most importantly, a strong technical background in restructuring and insolvency law preferably with at least six years relevant experience and excellent organisation skills. The post is part time and offers considerable flexiblity as to work schedule and  attractive remuneration.

Role description

Title: ILA Technical Committee Consultant.

Purpose: To participate in the technical business of the Committee and co-ordinate its activities. 

Reporting to: The two Co-Chairs of the Technical Committee.

Principal Tasks: 

  • To attend the Technical Committee weekly conference call on Wednesday at 8.30am and maintain and circulate the Committee action list. 
  • To provide additional administrative services to the Committee including scheduling calls, circulating information and inviting guests. 
  • To write and review  bulletins as required and to edit and proof read all bulletins before publication. 
  • To co-ordinate working parties and take the lead on drafting responses to government and EU consultations. 
  • To deal with all technical queries sent to the Committee from members or third parties. 
  • To liaise with the ILA General Secretary on technical administrative matters relating to the website structure and content, publishing bulletins and as otherwise required.  
  • To attend regular calls of the Website Committee.  

Commencement Date: Immediately upon completion of the required interview process. 

References:  Two, one professional and one personal.

Time commitment: A minimum of 15 hours per week spread flexibly over the week.


Applications, accompanied by a current CV, with a letter explaining the candidate's interest in and suitability for the role described, should be sent by email to Dan Hamilton to be received by 31 December 2012. 

Shortlisted candidates can expect to be invited for interview during early January, with the successful candidate commencing as soon as practical after appointment. 

Please do consider whether you know of anyone to whom this role and opportunity might appeal and be suitable, and encourage them to consider applying.

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