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Annual dinner 2018 - The role of the Court’s inherent jurisdiction in insolvency litigation


The Association's Annual Dinner for 2018 returned to the London Guildhall, and was, as always, very well attended. Council was very pleased to see so many members and their guests enjoying the evening.

We were also delighted to welcome two eminent pre-dinner speakers: Lord Justice Newey who spoke on Insolvency and the Courts, and ICC Judge Briggs, who spoke on the Role of the Court's Inherent Jurisdiction in Insolvency Litigation. We are very grateful to Lord Justice Newey, who also chaired the 2018 Annual Conference, and to ICC Judge Briggs, for giving so much of their time, experience and expertise, and we also thank ICC Judge Briggs for allowing us to make the transcript of his talk available on the website to Members who were not able to attend on the night.

The role of the Court's inherent jurisdiction in insolvency litigation

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A key service provided by the ILA is the provision of bulletins keeping its membership up-to-date with the latest developments in insolvency law.

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