ILA Paul Bromfield Insolvency & Restructuring Research Scholarship


In 2014 the Association resolved to award one discretionary Insolvency and Restructuring Research Scholarship per academic year to support PhD research in the field of insolvency or restructuring law at a UK institution. In 2018 the Association resolved to rename the Scholarship the ILA Paul Bromfield Insolvency and Restructuring Scholarship in honour of Paul Bromfield, an exceptional lawyer and colleague who was a popular member restructuring community and who passed away on 4 July 2017.

The ILA Paul Bromfield Insolvency and Restructuring Research Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) may be awarded to new or registered PhD students but, if it is awarded to a student who has not yet completed his or her institution’s confirmation requirements for status as a full PhD student, payment of the award will be conditional on confirmation that these requirements have been successfully completed, as explained under “Funding” below. The Scholarship is worth £10,000 for one student provided that, the sum of £10,000 may be split between two or more applicants and provided further that the Association maintains the right to decide not to make an award in an academic year after careful review of the applications. The sum of £10,000 is the entire amount of the Shcolarship.

The aims of the Scholarship are to (i) encourage and promote the study and research of insolvency law and restructuring (ii) foster closer links between the ILA, practitioners and academics and (iii) promote the ILA.

The Association will not be inviting applicants for the Scholarship in 2020 but will reivew the position in spring 2021.


In order to recive the scholarship a successful applicant must satisfy the following criteria:

a. the student is already registered as a PhD student and has completed the requirements at his or her institution for confirmation of status as a full PhD student at the time the award is made; or

b. for all other students, a letter of confirmation is provided from the student’s PhD supervisor (on headed notepaper or from an institutional email address) confirming satisfactory completion of the relevant institutional requirements for confirmation of status as a full PhD student. This will often involve successful transfer to full PhD status at the end of the student’s first year of research but requirements vary between institutions. If you are in any doubt about how this paragraph applies to you, please contact If the Scholarship is awarded to a candidate to whom this paragraph b. applies, payment of the Scholarship will not be made until the requirements of this paragraph have been met.

A recipient in one year may apply in subsequent years but there is no guarantee of a repeat award being made.

Further eligibility criteria

1. There are no restrictions on nationality.

2. Candidates must demonstrate excellent research plans in the field of insolvency or debt restructuring, closely aligned with the aims of the Scholarship.

How to apply

Candidates wishing to apply should send the following to

1. A CV of no more than 2 A4 pages setting out the candidate’s academic qualifications, professional qualifications, prizes and awards, work experience, publications, and extra-curricular activities.

2. A statement of research of approximately 1,000 words setting out research achievements to date and explaining the candidate’s research project. This should clearly demonstrate how the research project will meet the aims of the Scholarship.

3. Scanned certificates/transcripts of the candidate’s Bachelor’s (and Masters if applicable) degree qualifications.

4. Details of any existing scholarships, awards and funding that the applicant already has to fund the PhD.

5. A letter of support from the candidate’s PhD supervisor or proposed PhD supervisor on headed notepaper or from an institutional email address.

Review and selection

Applications will be reviewed by a two stage process:

1. Applications from candidates meeting or predicted to meet the eligibility requirements will be reviewed by the ILA Scholarship Committee. The ILA Scholarship Committee will select candidates for a shortlist to present to the Council of the ILA and may request candidates to attend for interview.

2. The final decision will be made by the Council of the ILA. The Scholarship will be awarded to the candidate (or candidates) who, in the opinion of the ILA Scholarship Committee and the Council of the ILA, shows the most potential to further the aims of the Scholarship.

Any questions regarding the Scholarship should be sent to

Expectations from the recipient

The recipient will be expected to:

a. present an aspect of their research at the ILA’s annual conference in the year in which they receive the Scholarship; and

b. acknowledge the ILA in written work and oral presentation of research completed when a recipient of the Scholarship.

Discretion to split the award

The ILA Council wil be entitled at its discretion to split the award of the Scholarship between two or more applicants in such amounts as the ILA Council shall in its discretion determine, provided that the total of any discretionary awards shall not exceed £10,000.

Recent Bulletins

A key service provided by the ILA is the provision of bulletins keeping its membership up-to-date with the latest developments in insolvency law.

Below are a selection of recent topics covered:

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